Registered Dental Assistant

Excellent opportunity for an outstanding RDA. Progressive, state-of-the-art team needs high energy, caring person who hates being average. Compensation based on experience and may include a bonus if qualified. Five years experience preferred, two years experience required.

The dental hygienist is the primary preventive practitioner in the office. Excellent patient education and motivation is as important as providing treatment. It is important to recognize early signs of periodontal disease so that proactive treatment can be initiated to arrest the disease and prevent more severe involvement. Finding new areas of breakdown along with thorough documentation, both periodontally and restoratively, will facilitate the dentists' diagnosis and subsequent treatment recommendations.

  • Seat patient and have proper set-up ready for that procedure.
  • Show care and concern for patients' welfare and comfort at all times.
  • Review and update the patient's health history.
  • Perform a head and neck/oral cancer exam.
  • Take and develop any necessary x-rays.
  • Give anesthesia, if qualified, when asked for, or as hygiene treatment dictates
  • Gather appropriate periodontal information (probing, bleeding, etc.).
  • Chart patient's progress with home care; document non-compliance.
  • Perform oral prophylaxis.
  • Polish teeth.
  • Perform scaling and root planing.
  • Complete scheduled treatment.
  • Examine patient for caries/restorative problems that will hamper periodontal success.
  • Instruct the patient on proper oral hygiene and corrective and/or preventative measures.
  • Present appropriate literature to patients.
  • Utilize technology (intra-oral camera, patient education etc.) as appropriate.
  • Discuss any unfinished, previously diagnosed treatment.
  • Perform periodontal evaluation and communicate finding to the patient and dentist.
  • Assist and chart for the Drs.' hygiene examination.
  • Schedule patient for the appropriate recare appointment, emphasizing the importance of continuing care.
  • Use appropriate verbal skills to educate and motivate your patients.
  • While still in the treatment room, make sure patient's chart is complete and all services for the day’s treatment are recorded, as well as the next continuing care or treatment visit, and time units required. Return the chart to the front desk and escort the patient to the appropriate team member for final processing, employing a 2 on 1 transfer of power.
  • Call any root debridement patient that afternoon or evening to 'check how well they are doing' after their appointment today.
  • Request “completion of treatment” letters from the scheduling coordinator when finishing periodontal treatment phase.
  • Send personal notes to patients that deserve special attention.
  • Set-up and clean treatment rooms and instrument trays in accordance with office procedures and OSHA requirements.
  • Maintain prevention supplies and forms.
  • Clean and oil the hygiene handpieces.
  • Sharpen the hygiene instruments and see that instruments are ordered as needed.
  • Sterilize and disinfect instruments and intra-oral devices in accordance with OSHA requirements, office procedures, and industry standards.
  • Administer continuing care system.
  • Assist other staff members when time permits.
  • Participate in morning meetings.

Scheduling Coordinator

Our busy dental practice is seeking a pleasant person able to keep track of eight things at once and still answer the phone with a smile.We have a large staff so a cooperative, forgiving nature is a must. A great opportunity for a person motivated to achieve higher levels of performance to receive higher levels of compensation. Compensation based on experience and may include a bonus if qualified. Five years experience preferred, two years experience required.

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Emergencies scheduling
  • Continuing care scheduling

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